Head's End of Year Letter

This year in my end of year letter, Firstly, I must pay tribute to the positive team that is the staff at Broadfields. Listed below are things I see, appreciate and value in individuals every day...things that ensure that the children here get such a good deal.

  • I love to see the interest, passion and excitement of staff to provide children with a great learning day, every day.
  • I am in awe at the choreographer's skill that supports children to perform a wonderful dance.
  • I'm thankful for the contribution of quiet members of staff who just get on and help children make little steps in their speech and language every day.
  • I value the care that goes into creating a magical rich classroom environment
  • I’m grateful for the willingness to do, to muck in, to say “YES!”
  • I value the high expectations and standards that those have of themselves and others.
  • I appreciate the easy manner and joy gained from teaching
  • I notice the professionalism of incredible subject knowledge being shared and taken on by colleagues.
  • I look at the teacher standing on the beach, surrounded by children, leading them in chucking stones into the sea, thinking that used to be me.
  • I appreciate the private, supportive comments from a wise soul that help keep me on track...
  • I love seeing a smile and good humour when greeting parents
  • I see the time put in helping others with work that they find difficult
  • I feel good when I see a new member of staff flourish and develop into a hugely valuable person
  • I value the person, who despite doing lots of little jobs,  recognises problems and finds solutions, allowing the school to keep rolling along...
  • I see the impact of committed, determined subject leadership across the school
  • I value the continuing energy of longstanding staff who continue to make a massive difference everyday.
  • I love it when I see in one teacher, all the aspects of great teaching, subject knowledge, close but appropriate relationships, high expectations,  all coming together to ensure that vulnerable children get over the line successfully.


I hope that all parents once in awhile look through the school story on classdojo...I think this has been a really good development this year...it gives you the opportunity to glimpse inside school! I'd like to thank all the staff who post stuff there!  School story showcases so much good stuff about the opportunities that children get in this school...just look through. Julia beating the rest of Barnet at 400m (setting a new local record), the range of the experiences in the y6 careers programme, forest school groups picking fruit, planting in the garden, being at ease with nature, post after post of kids with sports medals, the success of the football team, wonderful piano players, pictures of the fun of house days and also there's evidence of the fantastic academic work too. Have a look! School story (and individual class stories) are fab!


And then there's the school attainment data too...last year this school was on the 7th, 8th and 13th percentiles for Maths, writing and reading. That means that kids here make better progress than they do in 9/10 other schools across the country. And this year, we doubled the national improvement rate in attainment and tripled the Barnet rate. Mainstream outcomes were in the mid-80s, significantly higher than national figures. And 20% of Y6 achieved the highest grade in Reading, Writing and Maths. Fantastic outcomes for our children.


This is a picture that everyone contributes towards…parents too! So next year, let's pull together, continue build on our massive collective strength, look after one another, lift up one another and focus on our core responsibility towards the success of the children in this school.

Thank you to you all! Have a lovely holiday.     Robin Archibald

Roseberry Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 8JP

020 8359 5430