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Year 5

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Autumn Term Curriculum Letter

Spring Term Curriculum Letter                   

Autumn 1 - Space Curriculum Grid   

Autumn 2 - Shakespeare Curriculum Grid 

Spring 1 - Great Greeks Curriculum Grid                      


Pearl Class

Teacher: Mrs Ruthiran


TA: Diana Hirjanu



Silver Class 

Teacher: Mr Haynes


 Teacher: Miss Mehta (Groups)


TA: Dina Gabaljic

Opal Class

Teacher: Miss Harris


TA: Mrs Humphries

Dates for your diary

  • 03/01/18 - School opens for Spring 1 term
  • 08/01/18 - Quiz Club 
  • 11/01/18 - Talk from the Police for Opal and Silver Class
  • 17/01/18 - Parents' Open Day
  • 18/01/18 - Talk from the Police for Pearl Class 
  • 09/02/18 - End of Spring 1 term
  • 19/02/18 - School opens for Spring 2 term


  • Library day for Year 5 is every Monday. 
  • Full P.E. kits should be worn to school every Tuesday.  


Useful Links


This is a good website to visit regularly to increase your grammar knowledge:




Now you know why it is so important to know your grammar rules!

Practise your tables...........


Our topic this term is 'The Ancient Greeks'

See how much you can find out about it.......





Please note that Year 5 have P.E. every Tuesday.

Don't forget to arrive in your school P.E. kits!


Weekly Spelling list   - No Weekly Spellings this week as children will be tested on the Statutory Y5/6 Spelling List.

Please remind your children to revise the words on this list:                            Weekly Spelling List                                       Y5 / 6 Spelling List



Mrs Ruthiran's Literacy Group Homework:

Page 1 

Ms Harris' Literacy Group Homework:

Page 1

Mr Haynes' Literacy Group Homework:

Page 1

Miss Mehta's Literacy Group Homework: 

Page 1




Mrs Ruthiran's Maths Group Homework:

Page 1

Ms Harris' Maths Group Homework:

Page 1

Mr Haynes' Maths Group Homework:

Page 1

Miss Mehta's Maths Group Homework: 

Page 1



Please also remember to complete your Mathletics challenges each week!


Topic Homework

Here is our new Grid for this term - You need to do at least three tasks before Friday 15th December 2017.

Topic Grid


This term you can earn points for each grid task that you do. A prize will be given to the child who obtains the most points for their tasks. 

A minimum of 3 activities are required to be handed in each half-term.


Year 5 Spring Term

To help kick off this term's topic, Year 5 had the Young Shakespeare Company visit the school on Tuesday 31st October 2017. They put on an outstanding performance of William Shakespeare's Macbeth and brought each of the characters to life. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be exploring numerous activities based on themes from the play.   



Year 5 Residential Trip to the  Fellowship Afloat Ship, Tollesbury. The trip costs £300 per child. 

Dates: To be confirmed


Roseberry Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 8JP

020 8359 5430