Pearl Class

Teacher: Mrs Ruthiran

Teacher: Mr Stammers (Groups)

TA: Diana Hirjanu

Silver Class 

Teacher: Mr Haynes

 TA: Dina Gabaljic

Opal Class

Teacher: Miss Harris

TA: Mrs Payne

Dates for your diary

  • Tues 23rd April - School open            Year 5 timetable change takes effect
  • Thurs 1st May - Parents’ Evening (5pm - 8pm)
  • Mon 6th May - Bank Holiday - School Closed
  • Thurs 9th May - Parents’ Evening (4pm - 7pm)
  • Mon 13th May - Fri 17th May - Fellowship Afloat Group 1
  • Mon 13th May - Secondary Transfer Meeting 7pm -8pm
  • Wed 15th May - Secondary Transfer Meeting 3.15pm - 4.15pm
  • Thurs 23rd May - Election Day - School Closed
  • Fri 24th May - Charity Day (Autism Awareness)                                        Last day of Summer 1
  • Mon 27th - Fri 31st May - Half Term Break
  • Mon 3rd June - School Opens          Primary Shakespeare children at the Arts Depot
  • Tues 4th June - KS2 Book Look
  • Thurs 20th June - International Evening
  • Mon 24th June - Fri 28th June - Fellowship Afloat Group 2
  • Tues 25th June - Jungle Book Production in school
  • Tues 2nd July - KS2 Book Look 
  • Fri 12th July - Sports Day
  • Tues 16th July - Maths House Day
  • Friday 19th July - School closes for summer holidays


  • Library day for Year 5 is every Wednesday. 
  • Full P.E. kits should be worn to school every Tuesday.
  •  This term is the 'Autumn of Action' please ensure your child brings their trainers every Friday in addition to their P.E. day.  

Useful Links


This is a good website to visit regularly to increase your grammar knowledge:



Now you know why it is so important to know your grammar rules!

Practise your tables...........


Our topic this term is 'Super Space'

See how much you can find out about them.......





Please note that Year 5 have P.E. every Tuesday.

Don't forget to arrive in your school P.E. kits!

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To round up our Space topic, the children created their own 'voice overs'  to explain some of the tricky concepts they have been studying.

Click on the videos below to see an example of their work.....

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In literacy, the children wrote the beginning of their very own science-fiction are some examples of their work:  


The whistling wind danced through the cold air almost freezing their body. The ground crunched as they placed their feet on the pure-white snow. Frozen leaves coated with a blanket of snow drifted down from the dry trees. Calmly, the minute snowflakes floated down to the shining layer of snow, not making a sound. Nearby, the frozen river glistened as the sun shone on it creating a slippery surface.

With her light-blonde fringe of hair swaying in the wind covering her soft-blue eyes, she peered around. As a small grin travelled through her face, her freckles smudged together. Hailey struggled to walk through the deep amount of snow as her spiky wedgy boots heaved her down to the ground. But, her adventurous and daring spirit forced her to go on.

Next arrived Helen, who was Hailey’s shy but curious sister. Clumsily, Helen stumbled through the thick layer of snow making all her scientific equipment fall out of her huge pockets.

“ Look at this beautiful but mysterious planet,” mentioned Hailey, hoisting herself up from the ground…

By Zainab


It all happened so quickly. As soon as Ian and Crainer hopped off the spaceship the floor shook. They’d crashed the spaceship into a strange meteorite which shot them to an unknown planet. As soon as this happened to them an even worser thing happened to them a reptile-type dinosaur alien charged at them. Suddenly, the sun shone a beam of light at the reptile. They glared at the two meteorites orbiting the planet as fast as neurons. They also were shocked at how many craters there were. As they slid their feet on the floor because the gravity was so strong they rubbed their feet on the rocky terrain. They saw all the reptile’s saliva which smelt krooked, there were also flying fishes in the sky.

“What is this planet?” questioned Crainer whilst he was hyperventilating.

“I’m not sure what this planet is,”replied Ian manly.

“First off should we make a shelter or go explore ?” stuttered Crainer.

“Lets go explore and look for some material for the shelter,”declared Ian.

“Fine then then, but we don’t have any fire to keep us warm in the shelter,” cried Crainer sadly.

“HUHHH” gasped Ian. “Look there’s fire there!” cried Ian for the first time in his life.

“How, there’s no oxygen in space, unless this fire doesn’t need oxygen!” cried Crainer in relief.

By Samih


She heard a big bang. It felt as if time had stopped. She clutched the handlebars of her seat, not daring to breathe. She saw all the stars in place and suddenly felt one of those thoughts you get when your paronoid; time wasn’t stopping. The engine was. And it did.

Suddenly,she saw Trixe panting, jumping in her seat and clinging on for dear life. It was like falling forever and ever.Till they realised they had landed 30 minutes ago.

“W-what j-just happend?” Lexi breathed. It looked like Trixe wasn’t listening but twitching on the stone cold ground opening and closing her eyes madly. Until a very helpful thought that could have came sooner popped in her head: call ground control. She grasped for the telephone, “Chelsea we have a real bad problem,” she remarked. There was no reply.

She finally had the guts to step out onto the ground. She wouldn’t and couldn’t believe her eyes. It seemed like cherry trees with an unusual golden star-shaped figure at top. It looked like a field of pink christmas trees. The ground was covered with gold, honey scented grass. She threw in a random pebble in her pocket seeing what would happen. Nothing. It was safe. She finally stepped on the grass

Her waterfall of lavender hair blissfully swayed in the wind. Her deep jade eyes were twinkling.“Welcome to Coral Cannons” she read. That explained most of her questions. She looked at herself her teal/white striped t~shirt, her navy blue jeans and her soft, white trainers. Trixe lay on the steel metal ground of the spaceship, her fiery ruby hair looking as if the ground was set on fire, her eyes as dark as soot. Her clothes were a silver hoodie  and white leggings.

“Lexi, where are you and what’s that spicy pumpkin smell?” cried Trixe.

“Im outside you’ve got to see this!” she replied, startled by her sudden remark.

“LEXI HAS YOUR MOTHER NEVER TAUGHT YOU.. oh! “ she grunted, embarrassed.

“Has your mom ever taught you… gimme a break Trixe” imitated Lexi, chuckling hard.

“Y~yes now come inside!” Trixe answered, clearly disgruntled.

“No you come outside, then I'll come in” she replied smartly.

Knowing not to argue she stepped outside.

                                                  To Be Continued...

By Sophie

We hope you enjoyed reading the start of these fabulous stories!



Please remind your children to revise the words on this list:                           

Y5 / 6 Spelling List

Some changes this year: 

This year ALL homework will be placed in a shared folder on Google Drive.

Every child has a username and password that they can use to access Google Drive from any computer. Your child has also been sent an email with the link for the homework folder. If there are issues accessing the Drive, please speak to a member of the Year 5 team as soon as possible.  

In any event, children will be given a hard copy of their Literacy and Numeracy homework every Friday. 

Children will also have access to a hard copy of the Topic Grid in their homework book. Additional resources needed to complete any of the activities on the grid will be placed in the shared folder on Google Drive.

This term children can earn points for each grid task that they do. A prize will be given to the child who obtains the most points for their tasks. 

A minimum of 3 activities are required to be handed in each half-term.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to homework, please contact your child's class teacher. 


 Please also remember to complete your Mathletics challenges each week!


English Speaking Board (E.S.B.)

In Year 5, every child is given the opportunity to take part in E.S.B. If your child is taking part in E.S.B. this term, please click here for further information.   

Year 5 Summer Term

This term the children will be exploring the ‘Secret Suitcase’.

In order to enhance their knowledge about the world we live in, children will be visiting a continent per week. The focus of their work on each continent will range from current affairs (e.g. the Brexit Negotiations in Europe and Donald Trump’s presidency in the USA) to natural wonders of the world, like the Himalayas.

Image result for travel around cartoon globe world map

Children will also be considering the varying types of settlements across the world as well as the impact of Climate change. We aim to include as many geography based skills as possible as the children travel from continent to continent.  

Image result for climate change


In the second half of the term, pupils will be studying ‘Talents and Hobbies’. They will be encouraged to identify, explore and share their interests with their teachers and peers.

Image result for talents

They will be given the opportunity to find out more about their chosen talent or hobby and reflect on the journeys made by relevant inspirational people. This, we hope, will motivate them to pursue the activities they enjoy with dedication and perseverance.

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Year 5 Residential Trip to the  Fellowship Afloat Ship, Tollesbury. The trip costs £300 per child. 


Please click here for more information: 


Week 1: Monday 13th - Friday 14th May 2019

Week 2: Monday 24th - Friday 28th June 2019


Roseberry Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 8JP

020 8359 5430