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Blue Peter Badge

It is easier than you think to get a blue peter badge! A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to Blue Peter viewers and fans. Badge owners can gain free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge Attractions around the country, like theme parks, zoos and castles.  To find out how to apply for a badge click on the picture above. 

 I Can Cook

Cooking is an excellent learning activity you can do with your children - whatever their age. It can help your child with maths, science, literacy, art, language development and physical skills. But more importantly it is fun!  Click on the picture above for some easy recipe ideas.


 Science for Kids

Set the weekend off with a bang!  Try out some science experiments.  Click on the picture above to get some great ideas of simple (and some more challenging) experiments.

500 Words

500 Words is now one of the most successful story-writing competitions for kids in the world. It’s very simple. Entrants write an original story on any subject or theme in 500 Words or fewer and submit it online. If they win, their story will be read live on the radio by a superstar celebrity. Click on the picture above for more information.

Arts and Crafts

There are tons of websites with activity ideas for simple or more elaborate arts and crafts which you can do at home. Click on the picture above for some inspiration.

We are now part of the Sooper Books Stories For Schools Programme.
Sooper Books, the award-winning digital children's story platform, has kindly given our school free access to all pupils between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you'd like free access during these times please contact [insert name] for the login details. And please do not access the website via the school login outside of these times.
There is a range of fantastic fairy taleschildren's stories, original poems for kids, contemporary Aesop's Fables, and new series content, each with a professional audiobook.
Many thanks to Sooper Books for letting us use their platform during school time.

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