Computing at Broadfields

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Broadfields Online: 

Celebrating Creative Outcomes:

Creating a Vector Drawing 

In years 5 and 6 children learn how to create websites. 

Using video editing to enhance learning outcomes across the curriculum.



There are six underlying attributes at the heart of Broadfields curriculum and lessons.

  1. Lessons and units are knowledge and vocabulary rich so that pupils build on what they already know to develop powerful knowledge.
  2. Knowledge is sequenced and mapped in a coherent format so that pupils make meaningful connections.
  3. Our flexible curriculum enables teachers to tailor content to other subjects in the curriculum and the current context.
  4. Our curriculum is evidence informed through rigorous application of best practice and the science of learning.
  5. We prioritise creating a diverse curriculum by committing to diversity in teaching and teachers, and the language, texts and media we use, so all pupils feel positively represented.
  6. Creating an accessible curriculum that addresses the needs of all pupils is achieved to accessibility guidelines and requirements.


Our Computing Overview: 


The resources used  to deliver our computing curriculum are drawn from a variety of respected and well-known sources that have been created by educators with vast experience in computing and which use research driven pedagogy.


Our curriculum  has been divided into three sections: online safety, which is taught predominantly in the Autumn term; digital literacy, taught mainly in Autumn and Spring; and coding, taught in the remainder of the year. There is a more equal split between coding and digital literacy/online safety emphasising the fact that computing isn’t just about coding nor ‘ICT’. However, in order to give children the tools they need to succeed across the curriculum, digital literacy and Information Technology  does feature throughout. 


Resources and lessons are linked in the individual year group schemes of work and it is expected that teachers will adapt these to make them appropriate for their class.  


At Broadfields, Computing is not limited to Computing lessons, we use technology to enhance children's learning across the curriculum. 


Disciplinary Knowledge:

Computer Science at Broadfields

The building blocks of coding in the EYFS

Children explore coding through play and WOW Wednesday carpet sessions in the early years.

Coding in KS1 

Children in KS1 uses Scratch Jr. for block coding.  Additonally, children explore the functions of a coding bot. They write simply algorithms and are introduced to debugging. 

Coding in KS2

Children in KS2 uses Scratch for block coding. For physical computing, we currently use Ozobots in year 3, Crumbles in year 5 and Micorbits in years 4 and 6. The applications used for physical computing supports block coding, therefore the lessons are building on the children's prior knowledge and skills.

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