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We researched The Great Fire of London and produced radio reports using a microphone in our very own radio studio.

And here they are! 

Orange Class

 Orange - Haydar, Elliyah, Andrei, Kruz, Sean, Ethan.mp3Download
 Orange - Mikolaj, Lathan, Adriel, Eloise, Mila, Darah, Alicia, George.mp3Download
 Orange - Mohammad, Wateen, Taylor, Isra, Oltris, Emir.mp3Download
 Orange - Ryley, Maria, Sienna, Diana, Emily, Zahra.mp3Download
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Lemon Class

 Lemon - Aurora, Jonathan, Ioana, Raian, Lucca, Sheldon.mp3Download
 Lemon - William, Alan, Sofia, Tabasum, Arshya, Leyla, Murat.mp3Download
 Lemon -Aliyana, Kyan, Neo, Zainab, Sophia, Aimen, Alicia.mp3Download
 Lemon-A_lynn Rose,Debbie,Skye,Patricia,Ibukun,Krish,Sapphire,Filip.mp3Download
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Peach Class

 Peach - Aylin, Andy, Michael, Olly, Annabella, Maaria.mp3Download
 Peach - Rayhan, Yusuf, Kabiyanga, Alex, Ruby, Hibat, Luca, Natalia.mp3Download
 Peach - Rimena, Hubert, Duain, Oscar, Saffiyah, Serhad, Ayhem.mp3Download
 Peach- Harwa, Parima, Eduard, Charlie, Brody, Kathleen.mp3Download
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We're all here to help you! 

If you would like to talk to any of the adults please come and find us at the end of the school day or make an appointment for a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can contact us via Class Dojo or email us (see below for our email addresses):

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Teacher: Sarah Fowley (sfowley@broadfields.net)


TA: Maddie Apopei 


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Teacher:  Helen Joyce (hjoyce@broadfields.net) / TA: Annette Marshall

1 to 1 TAs: Anita George/Lauren Formosa

...Logo Design by FlamingText.comTeacher: Sharon Keane until 14th February then Keree Thomas (skeane@broadfields.net/ kthomas@broadfields.net)

TA: Annette Oldham (Monday - Thursday)

TA on Fridays: Arjola Mustafaraj

Head of Year 2:  Sharon Keane

Maths Groups Teacher: Yasmeen Gofur

skeane@broadfields.net    yong@broadfields.net


Our new topic is...


Dates to Remember:

Monday 6th January 2020: INSET Day

Thursday 16th January 2020: Parents' Evening 5-8pm

Monday 20th January 2020: Parents' Evening 4-7pm

Week Beginning Monday 10th February: Safer Internet Week

Friday 14th February: Charity Day (Marathon Fundraiser) Own Clothes Day


Monday 24th February: Back to school Spring 2

Thursday 5th March: World Book Day

Week beginning: Monday 9th March: Science Week

Tuesday 10th March: Science Challenge Evening

Wednesday 25th March: Class photos

Friday 3rd April: Break up for Easter Holidays




Thursday 19th December 2019: Break up Christmas Holidays

















Year 2's

Creative Curriculum Topics: 

Autumn 1 - Flashes, Flames and Fiery Dragons

Autumn 2 - Penguin Adventure

Spring Term - Zap! Bang! Pow! (Superheroes and Mr Incredible) 

Summer Term 1  - Save our World!

Summer Term 2 - Save our Edgware!


 Find out all the learning objectives for the subjects we are learning by clicking on the link below...




Image result for clip art remember

Things to Remember: 

Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back on the following Wednesday.


PE is on a Wednesdays.

Please note: the children will be expected to come into school in their PE kits. 

Label your children's clothing - they can get lost! 

The weather is unpredictable! Please send your children in with appropriate clothing e.g. coats when it is cold or raining.   

Remember to bring your reading books in on Mondays as we change them then.

Reading Diaries should be in school daily.


Image result for library books clip art 

Library books

Please return on...

Peach Class - Monday

Lemon Class -  Tuesday 

Orange Class - Wednesday 

Click here for the HOMEWORK!

 New Maths Calculation Policy

Click here for Fun and Games.


Practise the times tables, starting with the 2x, 5x and 10x. Count up to and beyond 100.

It's really important to count backwards as well as forwards. When counting, learn to count in 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s and then try counting in other ways. 


Extra Maths practice: 


Times Tables Grid

Hit the Button Game

Multiplication Problems

Finding Multiples

Multiplication and Division Bingo

Fact Families

Number Facts Grid

Multiplying and Dividing By Powers of Ten

Sorting Multiples

We love Jolly Phonics! 

Building on our learning from Year 1, in Year 2, we look at alternative sounds for the digraphs we learnt previously.

Image result for jolly phonics

On Friday, we introduce the sound and get the chance to practice some words with the new sound in our homework.

On Monday, we complete a worksheet using the sound of the week and on Wednesday we try a spelling test / dictation. 


Useful links:

Jolly Phonics resources 

Parent-teacher guide




Jolly Phonics Sound Mats:

Image result for jolly phonics

Image result for jolly phonics


Autumn Curriculum Meeting (click on this link)

Autumn Curriculum Letter (click on this link)

KS1 Assessment Meeting Slides (click on this link)


     Have you watched Newsround today?





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020 8359 5430