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Emerald Class

Teacher: Ms Leonie Jackson

TA: Mrs Wasnaa Mohammed


Green Class

Teacher: Mrs Diana Serbu

TA: Ms Ruth Herridge


Turquoise Class

Teacher: Ms Annitha  Jeevakanthan 

TA: Mrs Marjan Firouzian

1:1 TAs

Mrs Kerry Buffery

Ms Levi Tucker

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Year Head: Mrs Violeta Tudorache 

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Things to Remember

  • 07.06.2021-Viking Workshop;
  • 08.07.2021-Class Photo Day;
  • 09.07.2021-Sports Day;
  • 14-16.07.2021-Felden Lodge Year 4 Trip;
  • 20.07.2021-last day of Summer Term.
  • Homework is uploaded on the website on Friday and is due on Thursday.

  • Our PE day is on Tuesday. Please ensure your child brings in a full PE kit.

  • Reading diaries should be signed and brought to school EVERY DAY.

  • Our School Library day is  Thursday. Please ensure that your child brings in the library book on Wednesdays, in order to be  collected.

  • Year 4 Recommended Books -click here-7-13 May 2021

  • Online Stories-click here, please;  
  • click here for the 18-24 September 2020 Issue
  • Our Swimming Day is THURSDAY. Please click here for more info. All children will require a swimming hat, swimming suit (no baggy shorts for boys and no two-part bikinis for girls) and a towel. Goggles may be worn if necessary. You must also send in a letter on the day if your child is not allowed to swim that day and they will be required to go to the swimming pool still and read a book.  




All homework is compulsory. 

BPS Homework Policy for KS 2

  • 3 pieces of homework per week; this will be available on the school website on a Friday and must be completed and handed in by Thursday each week; 

       Homework will include:

  • a spelling list to be learnt for a test on Friday;
  • a maths worksheet or Mathletics- up to 5 tasks related to what has been covered recently;
  • a comprehension/ Reading Eggs comprehension  or a grammar quiz;
  • topic homework set in the format of a grid each half -term, which comprises of a variety of tasks (based on Art, History, Science, DT and IT research);
  • times tables should be practised daily  (at least 15 minutes);
  • daily reading (at least 15 minutes).

Summer Term

Summer  Homework Grid (click here)

Expectation: children are expected to complete any three tasks per half term.

How many tasks have you completed so far? 



Click here for the Year 4 100 High Frequency Words


English Curriculum-Year 4  (click here)



Autumn 1 -click here for the overview

Autumn 2 -click here for the overview

Spring 1  -click here for the overview

Spring 2-click here for the overview 

Summer 1-click here for the overview

Summer 2-click here for the overview



Primary History-Famous People-Henry VIII

Primary Homework Help-The Tudors

Who Was Henry VIII?

Tudor Times-Videos

Henry VIII-Bitesize



What is Electricity?

Bitesize Science


Science -Kids-Electricity Circuits

Electrical Circuits

Series and Parallel Circuits

Conductors and Insulators



Soundboard Creator

Make your Own Superhero

My Superhero Identity

Comic Strip Template

Superhero Coding Game(no computer required)


The Digestive System

The Magic School Bus

Digestive System Game

How the Body Works

Teeth and Eating

DFK How the Digestive System works

All Around the World

Explore using Google Earth

Latitude and Longitude Video

Latitude and Longitude Song

Latitude and Longitude Game

Why the Prime Meridian is not at 0 degrees...

Primary Homework Help(see index left -hand side)

What makes Antarctica unique?

Climate Zones of the Earth

Earth’s Rotation and Revolution

Day and Night Map

Time Zone Map

The Vicious Vikings

Information about Vikings(visuals and video clips)

Vikings-Beliefs and Stories

Vikings at Sea

Viking Gods Video

Primary Homework Help-Vikings

Nordic Rune Converter


Bitesize-The Sound

Sound and Vibration(clips)

Primary Homework Help-Sound-Interactive Games

Changing Sounds

Sound and Hearing

Magic School Bus-The Sound


Living in London

Primary Homework Help-London

What countries make up the UK?

The difference between Britain and Great Britain

Union Flag

UK Customs and Traditions

People of Britain today

The do and don’t in UK

Food in Britain

Bridges-Design and Technology 

London Bridges

What makes a bridge strong?

Building Strong Bridges

London Bridges-The Original Tour



Amazing Amazon

Virtual Trip to Amazon

Rainforest Habitats

Tropical Rainforests

Primary Homework Help

States of Matter

States of Matter Introduction

States of Matter Video Twinkl

States of Matter Video/ Karaoke

States of Matter Video

States of Matter Sorting Game

Compare the melting and freezing point of materials

Interactive Game

Changing the state of matter

Water Cycle Video

The Water Cycle

States of Matter-Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


William Shakespeare

Who is William Shakespeare?

Primary History-Famous People-William Shakespeare

Explore Globe Theatre (virtual tour)

Globe Theatre 

Just for Fun...some videos

Twelfth Night-song




Practise your typing skills here.

Handwriting Warm Up Activities

click here


Dominant side of the brain-Test

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