Our English Curriculum is:


  • a curriculum that is ambitious for all pupils

Purpose and audience for all writing tasks. 

Use of diagnostic assessment to plug the weaknesses across reading/ grammar/ writing/ spelling


  • a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced

Phonics - Approved SSP: Supersonic Phonics Friends

Reading - working within the National Curriculum but also..

EYFS and Key Stage 1 uses Reading Eggs (Certificates given Weekly and most frequent users get a Celebration Breakfast with Mr Archibald)

Key Stage 2 Uses Accelerated Reader(Certificates given Weekly for Reader of the Week and most frequent and accurate readers get a Celebration Breakfast with Mr Archibald)

Mapping of Core Texts across the school

Year group Libraries filled with the must read books of their year group

Enrichment trips, such as the Bookfest:

Supersonic Phonics friends scheme for handwriting

Writing - year heads and Literacy lead have mapped out in the Curriculum Map.


  • a curriculum that is successfully adapted, designed and developed for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. 

Daily keep up phonics sessions (including pre teach, post teach and plugging the gaps sessions.)

Extra reading sessions with the lowest 20% of readers. 

Research based interventions  are timetabled in each year group:


  • Family Fischer Trust
  • BRP
  • Beanstalk Reading
  • 15 minutes part 1
  • 15 minutes part 2



  • a curriculum that is broad and balanced for all pupils

All children start school earlier in order to build in daily reading (lowest 20% being listened to by class teachers)

PAT approach produces... 

Cross curricular approach so Literacy skills are used across the curriculum and the topics are relevant to the children’s interests. 

Core texts in each year group selected according to our community

The Literacy journey includes; 

  • Hook moments to give the Purpose and Audience  


  • Speaking and Listening Activities
  • Drama

  • Text Immersion
  • Short Burst Writing Opportunities
  • Identifying features through WAGOLLs


  • Grammar short burst opportunities to prepare the children for the Writing Journey 

  • Planning/Drafting/ Editing/ Improving/ Publishing/ Evaluating Writing Cycle



Curriculum Coverage:


EYFS objectives covered during the Early Years

Year 1 - Key Objectives covered during the school year

Year 2 - Key Objectives covered during the school year

Year 3 - Key Objectives covered during the school year

Year 4 - Key Objectives covered during the school year

Year 5 - Key Objectives covered during the school year

Year 6 - Key Objectives covered during the school year


Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List

Year 3/4 Statutory Spelling List

Year 1/2 180 Key Spelling Words




Phonics Scheme: Supersonic Phonics Friends


Parents' Workshop

Some Memorable moments:

Phase 2 and 3 sounds: 


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