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The Education Reform Act 1989 confirms the principle that education in general, provided by any maintained school for its registered pupils, should be free of charge.  However it makes provision for charging for "optional extras".  Residential activities, day trips and swimming, for example, taking place in school hours are maintained on the basis of genuine voluntary contributions from parents to cover all costs for their child.  If voluntary contributions are not forthcoming the activity may not take place.  In approved cases the Governors may remit all or part of the cost.  Initially costs incurred by Governors will be met by the school budget.  Where remission may apply it will be discussed with parents by the Head in confidence.

Charges for optional activities outside school hours will not exceed the total cost of the activity.  Participation will be on the basis of parental choice and willingness to pay.

The school's policy with regard to any charges that may be made is set out below:

  • Any visits or activities that are an essential part of the National Curriculum will be free of charge.
  • Children eligible for the pupil premium will pay half the published charge of any activity, trip or purchase made from the school.
  • All other visits etc. which are not essential but add to the child's education are "OPTIONAL EXTRAS" which can only be paid for by voluntary contributions from parents.
  • Parents will be informed, before such activities take place, of the amount required per pupil to cover the costs.  If insufficient contributions are received, the activity may not take place.
  • Where such an activity does take place, no child will be omitted for lack of a full contribution.
  • No charge will be made for ingredients/materials used in cooking, art or other practical lessons even though the finished product may be taken home.  However any voluntary contributions towards materials will be welcome.

It must be emphasised that the legislation leaves the Governors with very little choice concerning charging.  It is impossible to fund all activities now deemed to be "OPTIONAL EXTRAS" from school funds.

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