Our Governors


Positive relationships exist between Governors and the school staff here at Broadfields.  These are based on trust, openness and transparency.

The governing body systematically monitors the school’s progress. Information about what is going well and why, and what is not going well and why, is shared. Our Governors consistently ask for information, explanation or clarification. They make a strong contribution to planning for improvement.

The Governors are given pertinent, accurate information by the Headteacher that is concise and focused on pupil achievement. This enables the Governors to be well informed and knowledgeable.

Our governance supports honest, insightful self-evaluation by the school, recognising problems and the Governors support the steps needed to address them.

The Governing Body at Broadfields is driven by a core of key Governors: the chair, vice chair and chairs of committees. They see themselves as part of the Broadfields team and build strong relationships with the Headteacher, senior leaders and other Governors.

Governors routinely attend lessons to gather information about the school at work. Many of the Governors visit the school regularly and talk with staff, pupils and parents.

Our Governors behave with integrity and are mutually supportive. The Headteacher recognises that the Governors provide him with a different perspective which contributes to strengthening leadership at Broadfields.

Governors use the skills they bring, and the information they have about the school, to ask challenging questions, which are focused on improvement, and hold the Headteacher to account for pupils’ outcomes.

Meetings are held regularly, are well organised and Governors receive the information they need in advance. Consequently, the Governors come to meetings well prepared and with relevant questions ready so that they are able to provide constructive challenge to the school. The questions they ask challenge assumptions and support effective decision-making.

The governing body also reflects on its own effectiveness and, if needed, makes changes to improve.

Please note:  All members of the Governing Body are asked, annually, to declare any pecuniary interest that they may have in the business of the school. During 2018/19, no Governor had any financial or business interest in the school.

To contact the Governors: ddrimer@broadfields.net or 020 8359 5430

Roseberry Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 8JP

020 8359 5430