Expressing a Concern: Notes for Parents

The School works hard to maintain the highest standards in all that it provides.  We welcome comments from parents, and are always glad to receive their concerns or complaints directly and in person.

If you have a concern

Please tell us about it so that we can talk with you and see how best to resolve any problem.  Please do not delay telling us of your concern.  It is difficult for us to investigate properly an incident or problem which is more than a day or two old.

All complaints and concerns are treated in strictest confidence.

Parents’ complaints and concerns are received in a positive spirit, and we ask that they are made in a similar way.

Whatever your concern or complaint, our work with your child will not be affected in any way.

After hearing your concern we shall act as quickly as we can.  Please allow time for any action we may take to be effective.

What to do first

Please contact your child’s Class Teacher or the Headteacher, depending on the nature of your concern.  It may be possible for you to see the Teacher or Headteacher straight away but usually it is better to make an appointment so that you can sit and talk things through.

The Teacher or Headteacher will investigate your concern as quickly as possible, take any necessary action and report back to you.

We expect to resolve most difficulties at this stage, but if you are unsatisfied you may press your concern further.

What to do next

If you are still unhappy, please refer (or refer again) to the Headteacher.

After your discussion with the Headteacher you may have to wait a short time while further investigations are carried out.

Every effort will be made to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and the Headteacher will send you a written response.

If you are still unhappy

The problem will normally be solved by this stage.  However, if you are still not satisfied you may wish to contact the Chair of the Governing Body -

Mr David Drimer -

If the Headteacher has taken all reasonable action, and is unable to resolve the situation, he or she may also refer the matter to the Chair of Governors.

The Chair of the Governing Body will discuss the matter with the Headteacher and may arrange for a further investigation.  The Chair of the Governing Body will then write to you and say what has been decided in response to your complaint.

Further action

The Chair of the Governing Body, or you, may ask for your complaint to be heard by the Complaints Committee of the Governing Body.

The Complaints Committee would listen to you, to the Headteacher and others involved and come to a decision.

Finally, if you are not happy with the decision of the Complaints Committee you may send a written request to the Clerk of the Governing Body for the Governors’ Appeals Committee to consider your appeal.

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