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Science Week Fun....

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A Well Celebrated Subject




Six underlying attributes at the heart of Broadfields’s curriculum and lessons.


  1. Lessons and units are knowledge and vocabulary rich so that pupils build on what they already know to develop powerful knowledge.
  2. Knowledge is sequenced and mapped in a coherent format so that pupils make meaningful connections.
  3. Our flexible curriculum enables schools to tailor Broadfields’s content to their curriculum and context.
  4. Our curriculum is evidence informed through rigorous application of best practice and the science of learning.
  5. We prioritise creating a diverse curriculum by committing to diversity in teaching and teachers, and the language, texts and media we use, so all pupils feel positively represented.
  6. Creating an accessible curriculum that addresses the needs of all pupils is achieved to accessibility guidelines and requirements.


Let's think...Disciplinary Knowledge!

Let's think...Substantive Knowledge!

At Broadfields, every lesson is started with the big North Star Question. Children are given the opportunity so share what they know at the start of the lesson.  They revisit the North Star question at the end. Using their purple pens, children show off their new substantive knowledge!

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